WBENC/CGC Doreen Caudell Women Owned D-Mar General Contracting & Development Inc. In Clearwater, FL “Comes to the Rescue” of Dunkin Donuts…

Upon discovery Sunday morning Doreen Caudell and Andrew Caudell were headed to their office in Clearwater, FL to work on several projects to prepare for the coming week. Doreen headed directly to the office with her Fluffy family members Chanel & Armani while Andy decided to stop and pick up Doreen’s favorite coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts on Missouri Avenue…only to discover that the Clearwater Fire Department was blocking off the drive area an finishing up their report on a fire that had broken out inside the Dunkin’ the evening before.

When Andy arrived at D-Mar’s office Andy suggested that Doreen reach out to their customer Dunkin’ and offer our services to help the Dunkin’ re-open as soon as possible. D-Mar is know to come to the “RESCUE” on many occasions throughout the community. When the Chamber needed to move their offices very quickly D-Mar was immediately at the building department to turn around the permits needed to move their office to their new downtown location. Doreen mentioned to the CHamber that was the fastest permit that she had ever processed. ON another occasion when D-Mar was hired to perform the demolition of several projects on Clearwater Beach, D-Mar reached out to the City of Clearwater Fire Department to use the building for training before they removed them.

D-Mar’s owners and staff are always helping with many community projects. Doreen Caudell’s background is in Mechanical Engineering. Doreen worked at Honeywell’s Clearwater location for 10 years performing many roles. In 2001, Doreen was invited into her daughter’s family business. At that time, Doreen hired Andrew Caudell a state of FL licensed CGC. As they continued to work together Andy convinced Doreen to study for the grueling 14 hour state test in which Doreen was successful in obtaining her own CGC.

In 2006 D-Mar was awarded the 2006 Business of the Year Award from the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce. Doreen also serves on many community boards, that include,; City of Clearwater Community Development Board, Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce Board, Lighthouse of Pinellas Foundation Board, Clearwater Jazz Holiday Foundation Board, Advocare Foundation Board, and is actively involved in the High Speed, Light & TBARTA programs. D-Mar’s work includes government facilities, Hess, Dunkin’ Donuts, Quiznos, Melting Post, Peel, Grillsmith, Frenchy’s, government facilities, banking institutions, restaurant chains, high level custom homes, manufacturing facilitates & emergency response for hurricane relief throughout the state of FL.